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Mar. 5th, 2012

Hi, I'm here. But not for long. Just wanted to take a little look-see around then head out to better places on the interwebs. LJ is a bit too...triggering, I guess, for me to hang out long on.

The events in my life these days are fairly basic. I know looking back I'm always shocked to read my entries, and realize where I was in life at that time, but I honestly don't have much to say about my current happenings. Saphira just started walking, at 10 months. That's about it. My babies are growing up so quick.

I don't particularly want drama in my life. But it'd be nice to have.. an obsession, again. It could be a thing. Like gardening. Or chickens. I really REALLY want chickens, but I don't think it's going to be quite enough to satisfy my need for a hobby to throw myself into full force.

I can't believe I'm almost 30. Even though I'm married with kids and all that jazz, it doesn't feel like I've done anything to deserve turning 30. I'm still basically 22. 23, tops.

I'm perpetually tired. I think I'll go work on that. Maybe a little nap.

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