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worry and doubt, worry and doubt.. always follow excitement and hope. What if this is a stupid idea? What if it's just flights of fancy?

Must remove my mind from the big picture and focus on small things for now.. give things time to fall into place. My control freak nature wants everything to happen ASAP and exactly as I dictated in my mind, but that is not reality... must factor in room for reality in all future plans..

In other news, for some reason I have been obsessing over Greek names for the moment. I think I've pretty much decided on Charlotte if we want to go the "traditional" route, Everly or Ellery/Ellison for the "trendy" route, and Phaedra for the totally obscure route. Charlotte is definitely a front runner, I'm just not quite sure if I'm ready to commit.

But searching for our top obscure name choice, we stumbled into greek names, which at least Adam is part greek, so heritage wise it kinda words and is not coming from left field.

Phaedra doesn't have much known greek history about her, except sometimes she was portrayed as a conniving slut, sometimes as a liar who claimed she was raped and got Hippolytus killed, and sometimes as a woman struggling with her own morals and committed suicide rather than betray her marriage/act on lust. Either way, in all stories she pissed off Aphrodite, and when you do that, it never ends well for the mortals. Still, I like the name, and I'd probably call her Aidra for short which is a somewhat normal nickname so she'd have some backup if she wanted normal.

Other greek names we stumbled upon and quite liked:

Hypatia. I first heard this name while watching the movie Agora, and I have to admit, I strongly admired the character of Hypatia. She was a greek scholar and a firm believer in math and science over religion. I love her logical mind, and even though I personally find feminists rather distasteful now since most of them appear to try and prove their superiority rather than their equality, I do actually have a lot of respect for strong women in history, especially in male dominant societies. The name also means Supreme, which I find pretty awesome. I think I'd love it if MY name meant "supreme." I'd probably switch the order of my names though, and go with Rose Hypatia Nolen, which I think sounds nice. Rose isn't quite strong enough as a first name for my liking, but I think having an uber strong middle name like Hypatia could make it work. Pacey is really the only suitable nickname I can think of for Hypatia, since I don't like Tia and Paysha at all. I wouldn't mind calling my little girl Pacey, even if it is a bit Dawsons Creek.

Malantha. Sort of like a greek version of Samantha. Just means "Dark flower" which isn't very interesting, but I think it's a decent uncommon but not totally weird name. Also, sometimes I like the idea of "flower-flower" for the first name/middle name combo and sometimes I think it's too much. Dark Flower Rose? Hmm..

Persephone Rose. I think it sounds lovely. I'm also pretty sure MY Irish/German family would wonder why the heck I went with that. Effie is a cute nickname, but possibly TOO pop culturey for me.. if that's even possible.

Evangelia - Not quite the commonplace Evangeline/Angeline/Angelina that is everywhere these days, but still along those lines. I was surprised it was Greek in origin though. Still maybe too girly for me. I don't know. I can't seem to totally eliminate the "angel" names for some reason, even if they aren't among my favorite. Probably because I think a one syllable middle name and a boring last name need something long to help spice it up and flow better.

Grrr. This is all just so hard. Charlotte and James definitely sound the best to me. I can totally see siblings having these names. I personally like Lotty because I had a children's book once a long time ago (as a child.. imagine that) about a girl named Lotty (or maybe it was Lotta I can't remember) who went fishing and got muddy. Adam can't stand it though. Too bad, it will grow on him. People keep suggesting Charlotte alternatives to me, like Charlotta or something, but I don't like any variation of the name, just plain old Charlotte.

I still love Olivia, but I think I'm going to have to write it off, as it's just too popular right now.

And there's still a 50% chance this will turn out to be a Liam Michael, anyway.


Jan. 18th, 2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
I went to college with a girl named Ellery, and she was batshit. I'm not necessarily saying there's causality there, but there could be a correlation.
Jan. 18th, 2011 07:12 pm (UTC)
Haha. I do the same thing. I don't know a single sane Brittany in any variation of its spelling, including the celebrities. So that's out.

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